This Mandala was drawn as a culmination of several years of recovery work in the 12-step tradition, looking at Step Three as the key to living in grace.

For many years of my life, I felt I was out of step, not connected to those around me or my faith and traditions. In other words, I was separated, disenfranchised from myself. This was not due to anybody else. I did this to myself because I would not surrender to the God who called me to be more connected.

I looked everywhere for the answer to my completeness, not understanding that I was nothing except for my relationship with God. After seeing that life was unmanageable and somewhat insane for me, I began to trust the God who created and made me who I am. Today I am grateful for new understandings and for being in touch with my INNER self and with my God.

For me to enter into a group mandala, it is most helpful to come prepared. An awareness of what is pulling me in many directions allows me to be totally free to enter the process with others. I am deeply blessed by the process all around me. I am blessed entering the process with others. And doubly blessed as we begin a mandala exercise together.

20210110_052011 (1)

In my mandala, the 4 circles overlap equally. The center is the Divine (in white). From that, everything connects with everything else and is equally held in place. Today I am a grateful human being who sees better and understands more deeply. Life is so much better.

Mandala work, prayer and intention have been an ongoing Spiritual Practice since December 2014.