The Circle - Lisa

One night, about a lifetime ago, I had a dream about Mandalas. On awakening the next day, I knew nothing about the dream except that mandalas would play a Significant role in my life. At that time I was a Campus Minister at a high school. My search for how they might impact my life took me in many directions..

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The idea of them was so powerful that I couldn’t let it go. I was determined to experience the gift they held. I first met Susanne Fincher who taught me to understand about Native American Symbolism and showed me how to understand my relationship to nature. I then met Judith Cornell (Rajita Sivananda). Judith taught me how to use mandalas to understand my Inner Self, my relationship with God, and God’s with me. I did three years of training with Judith and became certified in her method. The key for me was that she said that throughout her life people were searching to understand their Inner Self and their relation with God. And she had found few people who were willing to take the time to do that.

And that is where was born. I have shared this process with people from all over the Midwest and on the east Coast. This has changed my ability to go outside the box in looking for answers. And it is my privilege to share it with others. There is no measure of a person's artistic ability. There is no judgment of their religious background. ALL ARE WELCOME.

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